The Orchardleigh Love Story Competition 

Winners revealed

Orchardleigh Estate began its search for the UK's best love story, and after reading through the hundreds of entries and narrowing them down to our top ten, we are delighted to announce our winners - Becky and Orin! 

Becky and Orin first got together at the age of 16 due to an innocent hand-hold on the last day of high school, which provided the catalyst for their relationship that’s now lasted over a decade. We have included their Love Story and those of our other finalists below. 

Becky and Orin's love story recieved over 36% of the vote making them the winner of the UK's best love story. Their prize is an exclusive one-night stay at our very own 'Love Nest' The Boathouse - one of the most romantic settings in the UK and the perfect place for their love story to be continued.  

Votes opened to the public on Thursday 28th November 2019 and closed at midnight on Sunday 8th December 2019. After receiving thousands of votes, we are delighted that Becky and Orin are our winners and we look forward to welcoming them to Orchardleigh House.  


Becky and Orin love story entry 1


Orin and I have been together close to a decade, meaning he has been both my best friend and partner since we were 16. On our last day of school, a mutual friend (who knew we both quite liked one another!) placed my hand in Orin’s and strolled off. Since neither of us let go, I guess that is when our relationship officially began...


James and Peggy Love story entry 10


I’m writing on behalf of my brother and sister-in-law, James and Peggy Braybrook. They first met when they were 2 years old, in Cyprus where our fathers were posted at the time serving in the RAF. My brother was playing in the garden when he heard a little girl calling to him through the fence asking if they could play...

Rosie and Ed Love story 7


An unexpected love story' I was working on a cruise ship, he was somewhere traveling the world. We didn't know each other existed, yet we had nearly met a few other times during our travels. It was September 2014 and I had been on the second biggest cruise ship for around 4 months performing as a dancer in the world renowned show "Legends In Concert'. It was September the 14th and we were docked in Barcelona for the day which was normal but what I didn't realize at the time was that my life was about to change forever... 

Kirsty and Dan Love Story Entry 3


Our love story started by complete chance. I had been driving home after visiting my mother in the hospital when I had been pulled over by a police car. They warned me that one of my tail lights was broken and I should get it fixed. I thanked them and continued on my way. A few days later I was in a bar with friends when I bumped into none other then one of the officers who warned be about my tail light... 

Polly and Ross Love entry 6


I am a wedding planner, and 5 years ago I managed a wedding at a local venue for a couple. On the morning of the wedding, the grooms party arrived, and the normal banter proceeded. As I supported the chaps with final jobs, the best man Ross announced he’d forgotten his waistcoat... 

Melanie and Mike Love story entry 4


So, when I was 13 I was invited by my best friend Tina to keep her company at her brothers 18th birthday party. at the party I met Tina’s cousin Mike, he was 14 and from Cornwall. The 3 of us chatted up her in bedroom, listened to CDs, whilst the party was going on downstairs. Mike made me laugh, he was really funny... 

Gina and Alex Love story entry 2


It’s a very sweet story that will take a lot of concentration. But it’s worth it!! Gina; Born in South Africa, I moved to Australia at 12 years old. My mother said to me at 21 'Gina, it’s been 10 years, you’re coming back to Africa!'. I said 'no way - unless we book a holiday to Sun City!'. My Mum planned a trip to Victoria Falls instead. 2 days after we landed in SA to see my family we went on a spontaneous trip the two of us to Victoria Falls on the most random dates... 

Sarah and Stevie Love story entry 8


My husband, Stephen, and I met 5 years ago backstage at the English National Opera, him a sword wielding actor, I a prosthetic artist - there to apply bald caps to some of the other actors. We courted during rehearsals and as we moved towards opening night it was clear to both of us that the hunt for the one was over...

Sian and John Love story entry 9


Whilst working for Thames Valley Police in 1996, myself and 2 colleagues placed an advert in the lonely hearts column in the local paper. There was no such thing as the internet in those days! The advert read something along the lines of 3 girls wanting to meet 3 guys...

Neal and Rosie Love story entry 5


 Our love story begins 2 years before meeting again properly. I first saw Rosie whilst we were both deployed on a military exercise in the Brecon Beacons. On a wet, dull and windy day I remember the first time I saw her and being instantly blown away by how beautiful she is. Enough to stop me in my tracks and make me think wow... 


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